Keys in Writing an Outstanding Book

Being an author is a rocky journey to both enjoy and endure. With all the amazing books out in the market, the struggle to become the next bestselling author or achieve the same success as the others will start to emerge. These bumps on the road might either hinder or inspire you. But, what isContinue reading “Keys in Writing an Outstanding Book”

Understanding the Importance of Settings

Many authors pay the most focus on the development of their characters and plot when building their stories. When readers consume these stories, they pay more attention to the characters and the plot – as if these are the only elements of a story or the only ones that matter. What about the setting?  ItContinue reading “Understanding the Importance of Settings”

Everything You Need to Know About Editing

Editing is an integral part of the writing process. It is the stage where an editor tries his best to enhance a draft through clearing up errors, composing clearer sentences, putting more accurate words, and making the content more suitable for the readers. The editing process doesn’t only include the mentioned factors, but also encompassesContinue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Editing”

The Passion for Writing Featuring Author Attilio Guardo

Just last year, author Attilio Guardo published two books under the self-publishing house ReadersMagnet: “The Other Side of Love” and “The Miracle of Wendy Whimple.” The former has been described as a “dramatic revenge fantasy” while the latter is a middle-grade storybook. Attilio Guardo manifested his love for writing at an early age. When heContinue reading “The Passion for Writing Featuring Author Attilio Guardo”

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