Why Faith is Important in the Christian Family

In this lifetime, the word “faith” has been uttered multiple times. Some use this term in relation to religion while others utilize this word for encouragement. But, have you ever wondered what faith is in terms of the latter — specifically in Christianity? The term “faith” in the Christian community refers to the state ofContinue reading “Why Faith is Important in the Christian Family”

Must-read Motivation Booster Books

You probably have heard of the word “motivation” several times in this lifetime. As a kid, the term didn’t have that big of an impact; but, now that you are approaching or are in the adult stage; you tend to crave for it. You may not see it at first, but motivation is playing anContinue reading “Must-read Motivation Booster Books”

Best Books to Read This Summer

Reading has always been one of the famous and great past times. Although many think that it is underrated, those who have the heart to explore different worlds, know various stories, and learn a wide array of things will always look into books and other forms of literature. There is just so magical and wonderfulContinue reading “Best Books to Read This Summer”

Heartwarming Poetry Books to Add to Your Reading Pile

Poetry has always been the safe haven of both readers and writers. There is something about this genre that really catches the hearts of its targets. At first, many might be only interested on the aesthetics that poems feature. But as they go deeper, readers tend to realize how magnificent poems as they are ableContinue reading “Heartwarming Poetry Books to Add to Your Reading Pile”

How God Plays a Great Role in Relationships

No man is an island — a quote that you often hear in different stages of your life. Indeed, relationships have proven integral in this world. Imagine living in a world with no people to lean on and turn in both your ups and downs. That would be horrible. Hence, bonds are more than justContinue reading “How God Plays a Great Role in Relationships”

Ideal Books to Read to Boost Your Inspiration

In this lifetime, it cannot be avoided that your inspiration levels become low. It could be because of how life gets too overwhelming to the point where it seems like unbearable. But, as living becomes tougher, there are various things that emerge to help us alleviate the burdens and keep us inspired through it allContinue reading “Ideal Books to Read to Boost Your Inspiration”

How Books Bring Growth to Your Life

Growth is a lifelong process that many wish to achieve. A person who doesn’t crave for development should recalibrate their decisions and mindset; because, as the world continue to progress, people should also adjust to the changes. Imagine living in a world where the competition is tight and you are still stuck on the firstContinue reading “How Books Bring Growth to Your Life”

Resurrection of Jesus Christ: What You Should Know

As a Christian, you probably have heard of the term “resurrection.” It is basically defined as the act of rising from the dead of a person or a divine being who still have had memories of his personal identity even though there may or may not be modification in his physical appearance. In the ChristianContinue reading “Resurrection of Jesus Christ: What You Should Know”

Amazing Books that Will Give You a Great Reading Experience

Reading has always been comforting and therapeutic. There are a whole wide world of knowledge, fun, and wisdom that literature has offered; and, bookworms are just lucky to experience it. For those who are full-pledge book lover, the magic that book brings is not new to them. But, for those who are new to theContinue reading “Amazing Books that Will Give You a Great Reading Experience”

Why You Should Write a Book Series

As a reader, when you hear the word “series,” Percy Jackson, Narnia, The Hunger Games, Goosebumps, etc., automatically come to mind. A book series typically refers to the sequence of novels that share common literary elements, such as setting, characters, themes, and more. However, they have different titles and a free-standing plot that can either be readContinue reading “Why You Should Write a Book Series”

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