The Don’ts in Writing a Great Biography

Biography is a hit nonfiction genre. People of different ages commonly read these books. Although many may think that biographies are not that interesting, they will be surprised upon discovering the beauty of these books once they read it. Moreover, writers often narrate the story of their lives or of people that have inspired them.Continue reading “The Don’ts in Writing a Great Biography”

Literature 101: What is Autobiography?

You probably have heard of the term “autobiography” somewhere, like in your English class. There are definitely many things that can be connected to this word. Books, for example, are being categorized as an autobiography with either pictures of a person on its cover or in parts of the book. But what does autobiography reallyContinue reading “Literature 101: What is Autobiography?”

Inspiring Biographies of Brilliant Women for Your 2021 Reading List

Sometimes life can give us a bunch of lemons that can either make or break our lives. There are those who get beaten with all the lemons that are thrown at us by life, while there are others that make good lemonades out of them. To cope up with the ups and downs of life,Continue reading “Inspiring Biographies of Brilliant Women for Your 2021 Reading List”

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