Amazing Perks of Writing Poems

Poet with a typewriter

Writing has always been therapeutic. With everything that happened in your life, finding an avenue for expression could be heaven on this Earth. Poetry is one of the best forms of literature that embraces all your thoughts and emotions with arms wide open.  It is a piece of literature that provides a special power to the expression of emotions and concepts through a particular style and rhythm is the typical denotation of poetry. There are many outstanding poets with books that have inspired the lives of the many. Among these excellent poets are Ezra Pound, Walt Whitman, Maya Angelou, Olivia Gatwood, Trinidad Rodriguez, and Raymond Quattlebaum.

Many poetry books have been published and several poems have been written even until this century. What could be the benefits of writing poems since a lot of individuals patronize this genre? Here’s what you need to know.

Helps in mending emotional wounds

Growth entails both success and struggles. Before you blossom into the person that you want to become, you still encounter hindrances and obstacles along the way. These challenges can either make you or break you, and it all depends on you on how your fate will turn into. While conquering these things on your way to greatness, you acquire wounds and pain that significantly impact your emotional well-being. By expressing your pain into words, you will slowly heal from them and transform your life around. Poetry brings not just the comfort but also fosters mending by letting people let go and explore of their emotions. It allows you to have an area to vent, realize, and heal.

Enhances your skills

Writing is an art that waters the skills that are hidden within you so you could use them efficiently in the future. Poetry appears to be easy but when you actually get to write one, you can definitely understand how difficult expressing tons of concepts, experiences, and emotions through the tiniest amount of words. The tendency is that you become challenged while writing. Thus, you cognitive function will be enhanced as well as your other skills, such as creativity, critical-thinking, problem-solving, and communication. All of these are being gradually developed the minute you embark on your poetry writing journey.

Readjusts your perspectives

Life is all about constant learning and development even when change comes. However, there may be things that you don’t want to change, especially those that you have believe in. Through poetry, understanding and enlightenment will come. After you expressed all your experiences, frustrations, and other things that you desire to set free, you will soon begin to realize how some of your beliefs and perspectives are becoming toxic. These destructive views can be shifted and readjusted through reading and writing poems. You will never really know the benefit of shifting your outlook in life if you will never try.

Makes use of your senses

You probably think that writing doesn’t have anything to do with your senses. Also, you might think that it your experiences and feelings are the only things that matter in creating poetry. But, all these assumptions are wrong because among the most essential weapons in writing wonderful poems are your 5 senses. They are the best aspects that can enhance the ambiguity, deepen the meaning, and develop the imagery of your work. Also, you can captivate the hearts of the readers and provide them with a better reading experience because of how they are being moved by your work and how they can feel,  touch, smell, see, and hear the images that you are building.

Improves self-awareness

Self-awareness is significant. It is the capability to center your attention, assess, and manage yourself. This perk is not something that you expected to get while writing. Instead, this is something that you surprisingly obtain and realize at the end of your journey. However, there are also instances that some purposely writes about this aspect. In writing poems, you will came to know some parts of you that you never thought existed and realize how much have you struggled and survived.

Poetry can truly bring out the best in you. The sense of comfort and relief that every poem can give are incomparable. What are you waiting for? Start writing your poems now and be amazed of the perks that it offers.

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