Essential Things to Avoid in Writing a Poem

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There is no concrete definition when it comes to poetry because it means differently to people. Some may define it as their medium to get by in this crazy world while others may think of it as an integral part of literature. As the years go by, poetry has become a great avenue for people to let out their thoughts, ideas, and hearts. It just offers so much comfort and safety by letting people write about the things that make them feel a bunch of either positive or negative emotions.

So, when it comes to poetry writing, there are definitely many rules to follow. But, aren’t you wondering about what NOT to write when it comes to poetry? That’s what we are about to find out today; hence, listed below are the things to avoid in writing a poem.

Focusing on the rhyming scheme

Yes, rhymes may give poems the glory and beauty; however, they are not always necessary. You shouldn’t focus too much on the rhyming scheme because it is not the only element that can give your poems that ambiguity and aesthetic that they need.  There are many types of rhyming, such as the perfect rhyme, end rhymes, slant rhymes, and more. You shouldn’t really put all your attention or, worse, force your lines to rhyme. Let it come naturally so that it won’t hinder the writing process and trigger a writer’s block. This is not the basis of a good poem. What makes a good poem is how to deliver the message in such a few impactful words. So, if you put a dash of rhymes in your masterpiece — then make sure that they complement and are relevant to your masterpiece.

Writing about what you think readers want

Although writing while thinking about your readers is a great exercise, there are times that it can compromise the quality of your writings. Also, don’t be deceived on writing about what’s trending. If you are planning to write poems, own them by making sure that they help you express your heart out, let out your experiences, and fuel your passion. Think less of your audience and think more of what you want to write. When you follow the experiences and burden that your heart really wants to release, you will get the satisfaction and sense of fulfillment like no other. You readers will also notice how much sincerity and rawness that you’ve invested into your writings. A great example is how a fascinating poem from the heart by Trinidad Rodriguez wows and moves the readers after the author wrote about her personal struggles as a single mother.

Conveying metaphors every line

Metaphors are like the ace cards of poetry. However, there are also other cards that you can play to make your work better. Using metaphors in each line is really not necessary. In fact, it has the tendency to confuse the readers and change the whole meaning of your poem. Yes, metaphors can make your poem have a deeper meaning but that doesn’t mean that it can mess up your theme. There are also other figurative languages that can add color to your work apart from metaphors. It is better to utilize a handful of them to make your literary pieces more vibrant and captivating.

Using deep and unfamiliar terms

Choosing the language for your writing is important. This refers to the terminologies that you are going to infused into your work later on. Hence, make sure that you have already chosen a target audience so that you can use the appropriate language and tone. The most essential thing to avoid in this case is utilizing deep and unfamiliar terms. Yes, most poems are deep that your mind has to solve the puzzle until you can get the real meaning behind the words. You, however, should notice how most poets use simple words mixed with the correct figurative language so their poems can create deep and vague meaning. That is also what you need to do, do not force yourself to make your poem a Sherlock-worthy puzzle to be solved. Make your vocabulary simpler, which your target readers can easily understand and enjoy. Relevancy and appropriateness are really important.

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