Essential Things that Authors Must Have

Authors are the amazing individuals behind the great masterpieces that entertain and warm the heart of readers. They are also considered as writers. The other definition of author is a person who bestowed life or existence into a particular subject and is responsible for what he brought to the world. There are many authors who have gained popularity for their exceptional works. William Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, and John Milton are the great masters of literature with books that have existed until this contemporary period.

There are many people who have been inspired by books and aspired to become one of the best authors someday. If you are among these dreamers, perhaps now is the time to turn your dreams into reality! Listed below are the 5 things that are necessary in your upcoming author journey.

The will to write

Scribbling words on paper is a skill that can be done by everyone, but being able to write stories that can touch the lives of others is more than just a skill. When you want to jump-start your author career, you should have the will and courage to write. Writing a piece of literature, specifically a book, is not an easy task. It will require you to be patient and determined. The mere act of writing words that come to your mind may be insufficient. Hence, you will be needed to dig deeper in the different corners of your being to identify what it is that you really want to write. When you already have done that, the enthusiasm to write your piece will spring out of you, making you inspired and motivated to start writing. Without your drive to write, you cannot become the author that you have always dreamed of becoming.

Writing mediums

Your writing journey can take years to finish. When you become an author, there is really no escape. You will have to live with that profession until the end of your days; because, even if you stop writing, the stories that you have written will never stop making a difference in the lives of readers. Before anything else, you will be required to have writing mediums. Journals, notebooks, pens, and other stationery are among the traditional things that are needed when writing a piece. Since the technology is already advanced today, computers, laptops, tablets, or cellphones might come in handy. Make sure that you have something to write and keep your drafts. They are really on top of the list when it comes to writing.  

A comfortable space

Mind and passion are two of the significant things that are being put to work during the writing process. Having a comfortable space to think and summon your creative juices will definitely benefit your work. But the “comfortable space” aforementioned is dependent on the type of writer, because people have different preferences. Some may prefer to be left alone in an empty place while others like to be around people, such as in a busy coffee shop or in a crowded park. This essential is really up to you, as long as your mind can function at its best and your creativity is flowing. Having a place to write that offers comfort can also help you avoid writers block and even reading slump. Instead, it will make you more productive and beat the deadlines.

A book editor

An editor is always necessary. Although you can edit the draft yourself, you really should put your trust in professional book editors for the benefit of your novel. The tendency with self-editing is that there may be parts that you unconsciously skip because you already memorize the events in that portion. Hence, having an editor who will wholeheartedly go through your first draft and the following one’s will is really a need. You will need their thorough editing skills because they will not only edit the grammatical errors of your draft but will also give suggestions that will enhance the beauty and meaning of your book. There are many brilliant editors out there that can provide you the help that you need, like Greg Van Arsdale. He is the remarkable author of The Genesis Project and other stand-alone. However, he is also a promising editor. Greg Van Arsdale’s different book projects just prove that he has offered his professional services to authors who want to get their books published.

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