4 Best Fairy Tale Books to Read this Fall

With all the crazy events that are taking place in the world, it seems like there’s no way for you to relax. There is just too much destruction in the planet, which looks like nature is taking its toil and has its own way of healing. Who would have thought that after a century there would be a pandemic, death toll rising, bush fire, forest fire, explosion, and a whole lot more?

But you can take your mind off things now and treat yourself with an amazing adventure, because fairy tale books are here to the rescue! They will bring to exciting adventures and wonderful worlds with the use of your imagination. Hence, provided below are the best fairy tale books to read this autumn.

The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman

The illustrated edition of this YA fairy tale book was published by HarperCollins in September 2015. It was the work of two award-winning individuals, where the story is written by the New York Times bestselling author, Carnegie Medal winner, and Newbery Medal winner Neil Gaiman while the illustrations are illustrated by the Kate Greenaway winner Chris Riddell. It is almost like a deconstruction of the stories of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, which are being told in an enchanting, dark, and funny way. You probably think that you already heard this story, but you haven’t. Moreover, the tale is composed of different things mixed together, including but not limited to young ruler that is bound to be married, some courageous dwarves, a kingdom surrounded with thorns, and a princess that was cursed to sleep until eternity by a witch.

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson

Published in 1997 by the HarperTrophy, Ella Enchanted is definitely a one-of-a-kind retelling of the famous fairy tale Cinderella. The story showcases a wide array of mythical being, such as elves, ogres, fairies, giants, and more. It follows that tale of Ella of Frell, a girl who become orphaned and was left to live with her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. Ella is not only a regular girl because she is a gifted one. When she was birthed, a fairy named Lucinda bestowed the gift of obedience to Ella. As the story progresses, the gift turn into a curse because she becomes easily manipulated by her evil stepsisters. That’s why she went into a journey to find Lucinda the fairy to remove the “gift.” On her way, she met prince whom she fell in love with.  But, she also has met ogres, giants, and other mythical creature that spice up the story.

Patchwork Princess by Connie Arnold

This fairy tale fantasy book is not only for kids but also for those kids at heart. It is the first book of The Traveling Troubadour series that is written by Connie Arnold and was published in 2018. It follows the story of a beautiful princess who was trapped in the tower of Terrence the Terrible. In order for the princess to be rescued, the king invited every courageous knight in his kingdom. Apart from defeating the owner of the tower who traps the princess, there are also other figures that need to be fought — like the black knight and the dragon. Can someone like a troubadour defeat these villains? Maybe or maybe not, read The Patchwork Princess now and find out!

The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

In August 30 2011, The Book of Lost Things by John Conolly was published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. It follows the story of a 12-year-old boy named David who is experiencing grief due to the death of his mom. He is in his attic bedroom where he continues to mourn. In his solitude, emotions of anger mixed with grief emerged. There was no one to keep him company other than the books on his shelf. Suddenly, the books started to whisper in the middle of the dark. David suddenly turn his imagination as his safe have and began to discover that the real and fantasy worlds started to combine. As his reality is falling apart, he started to embark on a journey into an unfamiliar land that strangely mirrors his real world.

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